Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Nothing but H&M - Outfit Diary

Bomber - 59.99
Knitted jumper - 24.99 (10£ on sale)
Slit shift dress - 12.99
Boot heels - 29.99

You can't really go wrong with H&M at the moment. Every item i'm wearing is from there (thinking face emoji). I didn't plan it but it just so happens that I work there so it's inevitable. Can we please face the elephant in the room? (hiding monkey face emoji). So its been approximately one year, two months and twenty days since my last outfit post. It's been a while, but decided to add this post for old time sake. I do miss documenting my outfit journeys and the take a break from blogging was much needed, so I could concentrate on other creative areas of interest too. Being 23, older and wiser, still wearing a lot of black (exaggerated awkward smile emoji) i'm happy to be back to let out creative bursts when I can, even if it's just for me.