Friday, 5 August 2016

5 Reasons Why I love Air Bnb?

Air Bnb has totally changed the game in the last couple of years and I have been a big fan. Last year, I was fortunate enough to visit New York and enjoy AirBnb for the first time abroad. Most recently I visited Airbnb here in London. The experience was everything I imagine, both here and the US. I will tell you 5 reasons why I love it. 

1. Simple and Easy 

The process of booking and payment is all done online with communication with the host, closer to the time of arrival. The process always baffles me, how extremely easy it is to stay over at a strangers home. But, Airbnb do it in a way which is easy to book and pay and it is also safe. This multi million pound brand have you covered in case anything happens in the case of an unlikely unfortunate events. Contact with the host has always been smooth with no hiccups. It definitely helps if the reviews are all positives too. 

2. Affordable 

First of all, the price has been the main selling point when searching for a place to stay. Searching for places to stay gave me an insight to how expensive hotels can get and it opened my eyes to how much money I can be saving when traveling. 

3. All around the world

I love the fact that I can go anywhere with confidence, knowing I can find a place to stay that I can afford. This could either be a room or an entire house in any country,which gives me the flexibility in my plans.  

4. Rent out an Air Bnb as something else

Here in London I visited an studio apartment that was originally and still is a photography studio space for a East London photographer. The plans were to use the space hold auditions as well as to stay the night if needed to. Airbnb can host to not just stay the night but for any function you need it, depending on the hosts requirements. We used it to hold audition for a film, but if you want to hold a gathering of friends or a dinner, Airbnb will give you the freedom to do so. 

5. Find cool Authentic Spots with real character  

The formal setting of hotels can get boring and commercial. Airbnb seems to give people the opportunity to experience the real cities in real locals homes in all it's glory. The hosts also gives advise for the best places to go and eat, based on their experience. These cool areas and Airbnb homes can usually be full of character making it very easy to produce Instagram style photos as memories.   


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