Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Favourites from Superdrug stores!

Hi y'all! I'm starting to get into the healthy side of me these last few weeks and these are a few products that have been doing the trick to my progress on the road to a better me. Ok yes I know. There are healthier ways, but losing 10 pounds in 4 weeks is my goal along side better looking skin is what I want to achieve. I wanted to try these products that were sent out to me, to help me achieve it. As I said in previous posts I want to try out newer products and let you all know about it if they are worth telling! 

The Superdrug Collagen and Copper Food Supplement has a number of 30 tablets and are meant to be taken once a day with a meal which I did, missing out a couple of days here and there. It is supposed to maintain smooth, firm and beautiful looking skin as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As I'm only 21 and have close to zero amount of wrinkles, I was sceptical about how much of a difference I would notice. Surprisingly I did see a difference towards the last stages of taking the tablet, but it could be due to it working with an improvement of my diet changes. My skin looked clearer and a more even colour throughout my body. Though the changes were slight, it was a hassle to take the tablets daily. I would recommend try it out if you want that clear glow holiday look, but be prepared for your skin to bounce back after you have stopped taken the tablets. 

The lighter life meal replacement bars are a life saver and by far the most surprising product. I was surprised by how much I noticed the change in my metabolism. Example day; I woke up about 9.30am and ate a slice of toast and a banana. An half hour later I took one of these replacement bars. I then went to work. Low and behold my energy levels were normal I didn't feel hungry till about 6pm. I thought this was pretty impressive seeming I love to eat and can eat for England! I liked how I can control my eating habits with this bar in the future. The only bad thing would be, some of the bar flavours tasted a bit rubbery, but not all of them. They were still edible. haha. Overall a good product from Superdrug stores because it did the job.  

My last favourite is a weird one for me because I have tried to back away from weight control tablets for a while. So I'm writing this from a very closed book approach. This product is a meal supplement and should not be replaced by a well balanced diet and so it was totally opposite to the meal replacement bars. Again it did the job. Although I was eating my normal meals, I was eating in moderation and slightly less than I would normally do. Surprisingly I got no side effects though I thought I would. Again I started to notice the changes towards the end of the tub. Another con would be the fact I would have to take the tablets 3 times a day which became a hindrance within my daily duties. 

Let me know guys of what you think of Superdrung brands? Have you tried any and what do u think of my review?


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