Monday, 9 March 2015

My March Loves...

I've never really been a Zara spender but have always admired Zara items on other people. I was drawn by the perfumes straight away, not because of the smell but because of the frick'n amazing price. I feel like the scent of there perfumes are really rich and definitely worth buying at least one of them. For £5.99 its my favorite affordable perfume - value for money and the quality of scent.  

Have u heard of Lottie beauty brand? Me neither, but most of you all will be hearing it all over soon! It is a cute, girly cosmetics brand soon to hit Superdrugs this month. Lottie already as a few bloggers taking. They stock in make up brushes, nail polish, travel mirrors, eye lash curlers and other cosmetics based products. The pastel colored products really do look pretty together and I'm looking forward to what this brand is gonna do in the future.