Wednesday, 15 October 2014

St Ives 7 day Challenge - Days 3-7 & The Event

DAY 3: Time to detox and unwind, the natural way
Herbal tea - So this is an interesting one. I like the whole concept of detox and I've always wanted to do one, however the taste of the tea wasn't the best, but it actually did the job. I felt inwardly cleaner. I got use to the taste after adding a few spoons of honey.

DAY 4: Keep your lips kissably smooth with a sweet & fruity natural treat
Lip balm - Guys, I can't even explain how much the Eos Lip balm actually helped. I have a problem with dry, cracked lips and it gets bad especially in the winter. I put this on underneath my lip liner and before going to sleep that day. It made a significant difference as the dead skin on my lips started to peel gradually throughout the day. It left my lips feeling smooth and light if thats possible, but I noticed the difference after the first day of using the product. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a similar problem to me.  

DAY 5: Taste the delicious and nutritious hero ingredient from our scrubs
Yummy dry apricots - I forgot how much I actually loved dried fruit! I love the fact that all of the scrubs that I have been using have apricot. It is helpful to use a good health agent for both inside and outside the body. As apricot is low in fat, has plenty of fibre, high in vitamin A and a good source of potassium. This means helps to improve your vision, healthy skin, teeth and a few other things too. 

DAY 6: Don’t forget, beauty also comes from within
Little Book of Mindfulness - I was reading this book on the train on day 6 and immediately I could put some guides and tips into practice. It made me actually think deeper about my thoughts and it really gave me a buzz about the information I was taking in, as I am a sucker for self-help books. It was more or less about meditation, breathing and thinking/doing in the moment. It was interesting to read and to practice on my way to university. 

DAY 7: Embrace your natural beauty today from head to toe!
Walnuts - I haven't been a fan of walnuts in the past, but I decided to try it again for the sake of the challenge and I needed to make my walnut eating experience more interesting. I added Honey to it, aswell as eating it with my cereal in the morning. I also added a few bananas too. I felt really healthy that day and I feel like I can somewhat bare walnuts a bit. 
Body scrub - Well, I literally can't get enough of the smell of the scrubs. As I have sensitive skin I normally try and stay clear of scrubs, but I feel like the texture of the scrubs compliment my skin well. especially the daily scrub as it lathers up really nicely. I love the fact that it is made up of natural products that will definite keep your skin looking radiant. 

It has been an amazing challenge and I honestly really enjoyed doing it. It made me feel good about myself this week. The event was also insightful. I learnt about making my own face masks and how I can look after my body from the inside out by eating the right foods. Anyways, hope you enjoyed this post. Comment down below too. 


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