Wednesday, 1 October 2014

My Everything - My Back To School Essentials

Apple Macbook pro |  Pencil case + Purse - Primark |  Hanro sketch book (similar) |  JVC headphones |  Bag- Urban Outfiitters (link to navy version) (black one in store is on sale)  |  Storage box - Ikea  |  Drawing pens (Uni pin fine line) - Any art shop |  

Hey guys! I've totally been obsessed with everything black and white and I literally can't get enough. So what I did for this new academic year was to totally update my university essentials to match my new obsession. Haha simplicity is key! It all started with my buy from Urban Outfitters where I brought my tote-like bag on sale for, waitforit... £10. Not only does it hold my laptop and all other things, but it also has suede insides plus an inside pocket. Its a great school bag and is great quality! I've also got my pencil case that is beside the pens in the photo. It purchased it from Primark for 2 pounds. Its like a rubber texture almost imitating mini pyramids; pretty cool. Another purchase from Primark was my purse (next to the JVC headphones), that is a hard case that carries my iPhone perfectly along with my cards and cash. I went to Ikea a few days ago and I had to buy a new desk, but also needed to find other ways to store things that would quench my thirst for all things monochrome. So I found the black box with silver rims for a few pounds that would store my note books and other essentials. Perfect for any student. 
As an architecture student I need to document my crazy design ideas that pop up in my head on the go, so I brought a really small cute leather cover sketch book. Last but definitely not least is my most recent purchase, my Apple Macbook Pro 13" with retina display. The best laptop? Yes! Definitely worth the price? Yes! I'm in love with my iMac that I got 2 years ago, but this is so practical with university life as a architecture student as I can move around with it and just looks so good. 

My favourite album right now has to be Ariana Grande - My Everything. Its just the best and she is an amazing talent. Im just so crazy about her voice. Listen to her album its insane. 


  1. Fantastic essentials! All in black:) I love it!!!
    Have a nice day dear,

  2. Love this, I need half these things!

  3. Everything looks super chic ! My bag was such a mess in College lol


    1. Thanks.. mine was a mess too. this year gonna try and change to be organised lol

  4. Your not the only one with that obsession hun:$
    Great collection.