Wednesday, 15 October 2014

St Ives 7 day Challenge - Days 3-7 & The Event

DAY 3: Time to detox and unwind, the natural way
Herbal tea - So this is an interesting one. I like the whole concept of detox and I've always wanted to do one, however the taste of the tea wasn't the best, but it actually did the job. I felt inwardly cleaner. I got use to the taste after adding a few spoons of honey.

DAY 4: Keep your lips kissably smooth with a sweet & fruity natural treat
Lip balm - Guys, I can't even explain how much the Eos Lip balm actually helped. I have a problem with dry, cracked lips and it gets bad especially in the winter. I put this on underneath my lip liner and before going to sleep that day. It made a significant difference as the dead skin on my lips started to peel gradually throughout the day. It left my lips feeling smooth and light if thats possible, but I noticed the difference after the first day of using the product. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a similar problem to me.  

DAY 5: Taste the delicious and nutritious hero ingredient from our scrubs
Yummy dry apricots - I forgot how much I actually loved dried fruit! I love the fact that all of the scrubs that I have been using have apricot. It is helpful to use a good health agent for both inside and outside the body. As apricot is low in fat, has plenty of fibre, high in vitamin A and a good source of potassium. This means helps to improve your vision, healthy skin, teeth and a few other things too. 

DAY 6: Don’t forget, beauty also comes from within
Little Book of Mindfulness - I was reading this book on the train on day 6 and immediately I could put some guides and tips into practice. It made me actually think deeper about my thoughts and it really gave me a buzz about the information I was taking in, as I am a sucker for self-help books. It was more or less about meditation, breathing and thinking/doing in the moment. It was interesting to read and to practice on my way to university. 

DAY 7: Embrace your natural beauty today from head to toe!
Walnuts - I haven't been a fan of walnuts in the past, but I decided to try it again for the sake of the challenge and I needed to make my walnut eating experience more interesting. I added Honey to it, aswell as eating it with my cereal in the morning. I also added a few bananas too. I felt really healthy that day and I feel like I can somewhat bare walnuts a bit. 
Body scrub - Well, I literally can't get enough of the smell of the scrubs. As I have sensitive skin I normally try and stay clear of scrubs, but I feel like the texture of the scrubs compliment my skin well. especially the daily scrub as it lathers up really nicely. I love the fact that it is made up of natural products that will definite keep your skin looking radiant. 

It has been an amazing challenge and I honestly really enjoyed doing it. It made me feel good about myself this week. The event was also insightful. I learnt about making my own face masks and how I can look after my body from the inside out by eating the right foods. Anyways, hope you enjoyed this post. Comment down below too. 

Sunday, 12 October 2014

H&M Has Me! Casual outfit of the day...

Mom jeans - River Island |  Top - H&M |  Belt - New look |  Hat - H&m |  Boots - H&M 

Hey peeps! Its been a while since I last posted an outfit post and once again i'm obsessed with the 90's vibe going back to university. It's a simple outfit that can be switched and changed up to different variations of outfits. For example high waisted shorts and stripped would also go amazingly well with a pair of new balance trainers and an oversized boyfriend jacket. These high waisted mom jeans from River Island is a definite staple piece, perfect for all seasons. In the last month I have gained, what feels like a truck load of stripy garments and out of all of them this H&M one is my favourite. Not only is the material great, but It is just a classy looking top. A lot of you know that I think Topshop is the best shop in the universe, but H&M has distracted me over the last few weeks with the ridiculous 20% off student discount and with their new boot collection. It's insane because I spent like 23 pounds including the discount on these platform boots! I can't even. It just goes with everything and yet another staple must have in the wardrobe. 

Friday, 3 October 2014

St Ives 7 Day Challenge - Brighter skin and Natural Glow - Day 1 & 2

Hey guys! St Ives, the cosmetics brand challenged me to the 7 day natural beauty and brighter skin journey. They were kind enough to send a package, which will have different ‘day’ labels on each item, one for each day of the week. The aim is to encourage all to embrace natural beauty and to have more confidence with your bare face. 

DAY 1: Start the week by taking care of your skin inside and out
Water bottle
St. Ives scrubs
St. Ives, believes that nature is the ultimate antidote to dullness, and that why they created the original Apricot Scrub which combines the fresh essence of apricots with 100% natural exfoliants to transform dull skin into skin that’s beaming with life. So far I agree with this statement, as I'm on day 2 of my journey, I have used the scrub for 2 mornings and I feel my skin is significantly softer and less irritable compared to the my skin using my previous face wash. As far as I know my skin agrees with the scrub as I have sensitive skin, using this product is going in the right direction for my skincare.

DAY 2: Get your natural beauty sleep tonight and dream the night away
Sleep pillow spray
The Sleep pillow spray was a interesting product. I didn't know that there was something like that out there. The idea is to spray it on the body 15-30 minutes before sleeping. Apparently it activates the natural fragrance when you move around in your sleep. It was a cool product to use even though the immediate smell took a few minutes to get use to. 

Today is only the beginning to the challenge and is a intro to what I will be up to in the next 7 days. I'm looking forward to completing the challenge and I will get back to you guys in a week to conclude my journey and to show the difference, if there is any. 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

My Everything - My Back To School Essentials

Apple Macbook pro |  Pencil case + Purse - Primark |  Hanro sketch book (similar) |  JVC headphones |  Bag- Urban Outfiitters (link to navy version) (black one in store is on sale)  |  Storage box - Ikea  |  Drawing pens (Uni pin fine line) - Any art shop |  

Hey guys! I've totally been obsessed with everything black and white and I literally can't get enough. So what I did for this new academic year was to totally update my university essentials to match my new obsession. Haha simplicity is key! It all started with my buy from Urban Outfitters where I brought my tote-like bag on sale for, waitforit... £10. Not only does it hold my laptop and all other things, but it also has suede insides plus an inside pocket. Its a great school bag and is great quality! I've also got my pencil case that is beside the pens in the photo. It purchased it from Primark for 2 pounds. Its like a rubber texture almost imitating mini pyramids; pretty cool. Another purchase from Primark was my purse (next to the JVC headphones), that is a hard case that carries my iPhone perfectly along with my cards and cash. I went to Ikea a few days ago and I had to buy a new desk, but also needed to find other ways to store things that would quench my thirst for all things monochrome. So I found the black box with silver rims for a few pounds that would store my note books and other essentials. Perfect for any student. 
As an architecture student I need to document my crazy design ideas that pop up in my head on the go, so I brought a really small cute leather cover sketch book. Last but definitely not least is my most recent purchase, my Apple Macbook Pro 13" with retina display. The best laptop? Yes! Definitely worth the price? Yes! I'm in love with my iMac that I got 2 years ago, but this is so practical with university life as a architecture student as I can move around with it and just looks so good. 

My favourite album right now has to be Ariana Grande - My Everything. Its just the best and she is an amazing talent. Im just so crazy about her voice. Listen to her album its insane.