Sunday, 3 August 2014

Topshop Wishlist!

Ripped jeans Topshop | White collar shirt Topshop |  Leather bag Topshop |  Shorts Topshop |  Tattoo chocker Topshop |  Cross necklace Topshop | Sandal Topshop |  Watch Topshop |  Lipstick Topshop |  Rip crop top Topshop |  Wool Hat H&M |  Vogue Autumn 14 Magazine

Ok, so I cheated. Its not all Topshop, but I couldn't get away from adding my favourite item from H&M, the wool hat in burgundy. It totally adds chic to a casual look and the hat comes in black as well so it could absolutely go with everything. Ripped black jeans is a MUST in every wardrobe. Lets just leave it at that. 90s goth is something that has interested me recently and I have been in love with chockers for the last few months. The tattoo multi coloured chocker gives me so much life! I've always wanted a simple white collar shirt, but its one of those items that you need to get right with the rest of the outfit. To pair it with the wool hat or a fedora, you can never go wrong. I've really enjoyed putting together my wish list and I'ts been a long time coming seeming that Topshop still remains the best shop for style in my opinion.


  1. Such a gorgeous list !


  2. Love the list. Especially the vintage style backpack