Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The New Dove 'Caring Protection' Body Wash

Hey guys! I've been using Dove products for years and have recently been impressed with their new body wash 'Caring Protection'. As I have ridiculously dry skin, I constantly moisturising and the new body wash is enriched with natural oils that keep the moisturised during a body wash in the shower. I've used it for the past few days and I've seen a difference as my skin is a lot softer and I will remain to use it. I went to the Dove 'caring Protection' launch recently and I asked the question 'what is the difference between the the new range and the original version 'Deep Nourishing' Body wash. The answer was that it contains more natural ingredients and skin natural lipids. As this the new range, it is not in all stores right now, but only in Boots. I would say, if you have sensitive but incredibly dry skin and sill looking for a body wash that works well with your skin, try the new Dove range. 
If you have tried it already, let me know how it was for you. Comment and follow :)


  1. Omg I've used dove in the past and it literally felt like velvet on my skin. This post has reminded me of I was so obsessed with it! ha will definitely have to nab that one if its even better! Lovely post doll cant wait to try it!xo


    1. Haha yes defo try it! I'm glad you like post xx