Monday, 24 February 2014

Urban Outfitters Sale - My Picks

Urban Outfitters are not to everyones taste, but there sale have amazing casual and on-trend pieces worth looking at. 

Playing with fire - I'm a huge fan of oversized items, especially simple pieces with edge. This black on fire tee would go great with denim and a pair of black boots. If daring, a pair of super shiny silver loafers. 

Greyscale matter - Many students out there, like myself, will have days where you just can't be bothered to dress all fashion blogger like, but you can still look presentable and on-trend with a basic tee, black jeans and this quilted grey coat. Totally transforms your casual look.

Envy green - Can be dressed up or down and in my opinioun velvet is the most comfortable material to wear for long periods of time, especially during this winter period. I love how it fits like a body con dress and still adds character by the cut-out feature on the back. Very classy!

Big panda - Again, oversized is a good choice when you want to go for the super casual look and massive animal prints are a defo yes, if you want to make a statement! It would go amazingly well with another smaller print leggings or even tartan.
The fur - I've had my eye on a fur collar for a long time and can never find one that looks completely right. Urban outfitters have coats with amazing detachable fur trims that do just the trick. It's such a chic way to glam up a simple black dress on a evening out. 

Check mate - Tartan Trousers! Enough said. - love them. 

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  1. Love the items you picked ! They always have nice clothes !

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  2. Such great picks the UO sales are amazing! My fave is that super cute oversized panda tee ah I loove it! Might just look into nabbing it aha lovely post! Xo