Saturday, 25 January 2014

My Look: Tartan Skirt - Rebellious Soul - River Island

Shirt - Rebellious Soul -   Boots - River Island   Skirt - Charity Store    Cardigan - Primark    Rings - Primark   Bag - Primark 

I'm glad tartan is back on trend and I went crazy at the start of the year looking for tartan trousers, blazers, even tartan coats! It's my favourite pattern and looking forward to wearing it in the future. Today I've gone for that punk edgy look with a little bit of cute. I tried lol, but Its nice to change up my look drastically every now and then. Yet again I've ignored the cold weather conditions and worn what I like rather than what is particularly comfortable. Showing leg. Oh well, what's fashion without the uncomfortable sometimes? I know some of you have noticed the RI boots. My last pair were pretty worn out so I had to buy a new pair when they caught my eye in the sale for 35 pounds. Still loving them as they are the best everyday item to wear. Rebellious soul, in my opinioun do the best simple, unique, black on white mystery staple designs and go with any outfit, so I'm totally loving it! (

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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Little Black Dress | Urban Outfitters, River Island

Black Dress - Primark
Hat - Urban Outfitters 
Coat - Vintage 
Boots - New Look
Necklace - River Island (Sale)
Bag - H&M (Sale)

Hey guys, Theres alot of black going on, I know haha, but a black dress is what every girl would need in their wardrobe. It's a staple item! I brought this surprisingly good quality black dress from Primark. It could easily be dressed up or down. I decided to be somewhere in the middle while showing a bit of leg. I would say Bold move, as it is in the middle of January. Each Item in this look are part of my essential items in my wardrobe, like the black boots and the hat. The boots I recently brought from New Look and I grabbed it fast when I saw the price (£24.99) and It's super comfy too. It's just so simple. Love it! Urban Outfitters do amazing hats and I was pulled in by the shade of green. I Thought it would be interesting to style and so it was :)