Friday, 2 August 2013

Birthday Lunch with the Sis | Our looks: Vintage - River island - Missguided

My Outfit
Cape- River Island 
Skirt - Charity Store
Sandals - Primark 
Hat - Topshop
Crop Top - Missguided 
Bag - H&M

Tricia's Outfit  
Patterned shirt - Charity Store 
Stretchy Vest Top - Primark 
Cut-off men's jeans - Primark 
Creepers - Primark
Rings - Primark 
Bag - Milan, Italy  

So, it was my sisters 18th birthday at the end of last month and because it was a weekday, we decided to just go out for lunch and watch a film. It was great weather and the film was surprisingly good too. It's called 'now you see me' and if you like action/ Thriller sort of films, I would recommend that film. All in all it was a fun afternoon and you can check out Tricia's Beauty Blog here.

This outfit is different to what I'm use to wearing, but I like to experiment with things. I found this midi skirt in a charity store and I wanted to make something out of it seeming it is a very summery garment.  My hair was in a really tight bun and in a sun hat again haha. I'm thinking of changing up my hair colour, you will see what I decided to do in further posts. Tricia also found her patterned shirt from the same charity store I went to in Ealing and so both of us find thrifting and amazing way to save money and find good quality back-in-style items to experiment with. 

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  1. both you ladies look absolutely wonderful! xo

  2. You guys look gorg! I love these outfits! x

  3. I LOVE your charity store skirt!! It looks so modern - why would you donate that?

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  4. beautiful!! i love both your outfits :)

    thank you so much for the kind comment on my blog ^^ i followed back!

  5. y'all look gorgeous!! i love your skirt and sister's jacket x

  6. that shirt is amazing! love how it pulls the outfit together!

    Myra x

    Alluring Style

  7. Love the skirt and black cape!!!!

    Fikki of The Pastime Bliss

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