Monday, 26 August 2013

Silver is what I love, but I love H&M even more!

 Necklace £7.99  |  Rings (set of 11) £3.99 - H&M

I don't know about you, but H&M have really impressed me recently and I think they have upped their game with making simple, on-trend, affordable items, but creating most needed statement items in the wardrobe assessable. I must admit, I haven't been the biggest H&M fan in the past, but my trip to H&M yesterday really did open my eyes to their clothing and accessories. I would describe H&M as the store of basic trend. I'm a fan now.

I brought these items because I need another statement necklace so badly and H&M had exactly what I had in mind. For a while now I have wanted simple plain midi rings and when I saw the set of rings I had to get it! I love that rustic silver look and I will definitely be rocking these silver accessories in further outfit posts.  

Monday, 19 August 2013

My Look: River Island | Office | Thrift store | Primark

Denim Jacket - Charity store
White Blouse - River Island
Floral Skirt  - East London Thrift Store (£1)!
Bag - H&M
Flatform trainers - Office 
Rings - Primark 
Silver chocker - Vintage 
Sunglasses - Aldgate market

We've got great sun all week in London and yeah, I thought I would get the legs out! lol Yes! I'm taking advantage of the summer sun. As I mentioned in my last outfit post, I'm exploring to find cool finds, where I can all save money. Charity stores are a great place to do that; it's my thing now. This week has all been about getting ready for university and general errands, so for me, you cant go wrong with simple trainers if you want to be casual and comfy on a busy week. I absolutely love this blouse from River Island that I purchased in the sale, last week. I love it because its different, the materials used in the sleeves stood out to me on the rail, I had to get it! Another 1 pound item from the East London Thrift store, the cute little skirt. I'm not much of a skirt wearer, but I could resist putting this on, I just feel so girly in it.  

Its been a week of getting grades back, sorting out colleges and university places, I hope everyone got the grades that they wanted and got into universities of your choice! 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Not entirely black, Not entirely Topshop! | My picks / Wish List

Mon Jeans - Topshop | Necklace - Topshop | Tartan Skirt - Topshop |  Stripped see-through Jumper - H&M | Bralett - Topshop  | Ragged crop top - Topshop | Black fringed Top - H&M  | 'Cyber' Lipstick - Mac Cosmetics |  Boots - Topshop | Monochrome Phone case / Purse - Topshop |  Hexagon Sunglasses - Topshop

Hey guys! It feels like ages since I've done an not entirely Topshop wish list!  I want to explore a bit more! I'm not sure about some people, but I get bored of the season that I'm in at the time. I know it sounds crazy, but I'm getting a bit bored of summer and can't wait for the colder seasons, I want to wrap up in cool scarfs, trendy boots and feed on my love of beanies, but until then, there’s that that stage where the sun may be out and it's not completely cold, however you are feeling in that autumn mood. All the darker, warmer colours are fun to play around with too.

I've mentioned many times before that Topshop is the absolute best and my favorite place to shop, but I thought I would drop in a few pieces from other shops like H&M. H&M have been an accessory sort of shop for me, because I can never really find any clothing that really jumps out to me, till today. I love texture in clothing items that are different and the two black tops to your far right are both from h&m have that grudge, unique look to an outfit. You would easily wear this these items with the bra-let top underneath because it’s slightly see-through too. Yeah, its gonna be autumn soon but I still wanted to incorporate some older trends to this autumn wish list, like the cropped tie dye top by Ragged, that would go amazingly with the acid washed mom jeans from Topshop, which I adore! I've never really worn tartan before and it’s a material that intrigues me because it can really give you that edgy look, which would go great with any of the tops. For me, I see lipstick just the same, as I would see any other accessory and the reddish pinky lipstick are my comfort zone but in this wish list I want to thrive on the autumn-ness with the warmer and darker colours. So this colour by Mac is called Cyber and is a very popular shade by Mac and I really want to try it out one of these days. Everyone is on that cut out boot hype and I still don't own a pair, so they are definitely on my wish list! How can you not put a pinch of the monochrome trend in a wish list too? This cute black and white stripped phone case from Topshop has had my eye on for a long time and could give any outfit the character it needs. Definitely check out Topshop and H&M for all that they have to offer!

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Friday, 9 August 2013

New Look Press day! AW/13

For their autumn / winter collection, I was yet again invited to another New Look press day! This time I went with Soraya from Fashion Falsetto and Gemma from Gemsies and we had the best time! (Check out there blogs!) We were treated to manicures, cocktails; little nibbles and an amazing goodie bag each! Although it’s summer right now, in the next month or so the weather will change and you would want to change up your wardrobe and keep on trend. You heard it from me! New Look will definitely have amazing pieces for you to keep your look interesting.

New look has definitely upped their game! I love the crystals, silver, glamorous look ready for winter / Christmas. I also love the big statement necklaces and a wide range of accessories. I would say, definitely get ready for the next few months and visit New Look to see all that they have in store and online!

In my last outfit post I was wearing shoes/sandals from New Look. Have a look here, if you haven’t seen that post already.  

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My Look: East London Thrift store | New Look | Green hair!

Croptop: East London Thrift Store - £1 !
Trousers: East London Thrift Store - £1 !
Shoes: New Look 
Rings - Primark
Bracelet - New Look
Necklace – New look
Both sets of Sunglasses - Aldgate Market 

Where do I begin? I've got so much to say about my week and what I’ve been up to. For a long time I have been trying to find ways to save money on clothing and stay on trend at the same time. Being a Topshop Freak, I can’t stay out of that shop! I can easily say I’ve spent way too much money in that shop. Researching and reading other blogs, I finally came across East London Thrift Store and every few months they host a pound store, where you find all your thrifted clothes, second hand items, sold at a pound each. I went down there this week to check it out and to see what the hype was about. It was so different to anything I have been to, but I managed to find some really good things like a large fur coat for the winter, that I’m totally loving and can't wait to style and also the top and trousers combination that I’m rocking now. Both Items bought in total £2!! I’m going through a journey right now to find myself through style and recently I’ve been experimenting with outfits, to see what work and what doesn’t. For those that know me, I wear a lot of black and dark colours – It’s my comfort zone. Being daring for me is wearing brighter colors, like I am in this post. I guess I need to, for the sake of summer!

Last week I went to New Look press day and I was treated with a gift card, for which I bought these shoes/sandals. I love them because they go with so many things in my wardrobe and I can’t wait to do more outfit posts for you guys in the future! I recently went to Aldgate Market briefly for the first time this week and I snatched up two pairs of sunglasses with brown tinted lenses that I love and easily changes up my look.

So you probably noticed that I have green hair. Yes, It was meant to turn out like that haha. I wanted to do something different but wasn’t too sure what to do. It was in one of those moments when your so bored and you need to do something to keep you occupied, at the same time needing to feed on your creative energy.. Yes, Dying my hair was exactly that and there you have it. 

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Monday, 5 August 2013

Atelier Cologne Event

The luxury brand, Atelier kindly invited a few blogger friends and I, to their new Metal Collection of colognes event and this brand is the definition of luxury and elegance! Their new Metal Collection are bottles covered with genuine precious metals, silver and gold really gives the cologne personality. The Silver Iris and Gold Leather colognes have distinctive scents this collection is different to anything I have used before. Check out Atelier Cologne in major retail stores like Selfridges or their website here