Thursday, 18 July 2013


Summer is buzzing right now; consistent hot weather and I believe one of the trends is the paisley trend! Yes, bandanas is all I think about when I see a paisley pattern but its the girly innovations that makes the trend exciting to wear. In-your-face patterns like large print paisley prints are enough of a statement but when you double it up as a trousers and top set just like Jessie j did, it really does it justice.
The paisley resembles a twisted teardrop originated in India but the western name came from a central scottish town, where these designs were produced. This particular trend is so exciting to wear because this design is so versatile; so many variations of paisley can be printed on different materials. This creates rooms for imagination of the designers for the catwalk, to go crazy with the fit of the pieces combined with how extravagant the paisley pattern is. You can now wear paisley and not feel you are caught up in the trend but make it simple and let the pattern do the talking! If you like this sort of stuff, follow my blog and comment.



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