Saturday, 27 July 2013

High Fashion Society Vintage Victory Party - July 4th 2013

On the 4th on July I was invited to the high fashion society vintage party. It was a great event and the theme of the event was really inspiring and thought out - it complimented the brand well. I really enjoyed myself, 4th of July well spent - literally felt like I was in America, with the cool American inspired food and decor. 

The High Fashion Society is an exclusive members only club that offers the authentic pre-owned and vintage high fashion designer luxury goods and provides a range of services that each member could use. There aim is to be one of the leading online source for buying and selling for pre-loved designer brands from previous season designer collections. Will members have the access to designer items but they will also revise updates of the latest fashion trends, discounts on all services and invites to fashion events. 

The High Fashion Society has amazing designer items and it was great to have a look at their items in reality with the option to buy any of the luxury items. I’m not much of a bag person but I really couldn't keep my eyes off the Louis Vuitton Bags - an item that I've wanted for forever. So this would be a good online store to get myself one and massively discounted prices! Not only do they sell brands like Louis Vuitton, but others like Chanel, Burberry, Prada, Swarovski, Christian Dior and so many more. Check them out here