Wednesday, 24 July 2013


BEAU- Homme is an up and coming menswear clothing brand and last week I was invited to their Summer/ Spring 2014 presentation Gala. The event was held at the White Rabbit in Shoreditch and the hospitality was so great; champagne, snacks and it was amazing to socialize with fashion enthusiasts and fashion professionals.
BEAU-Homme is a London-based label which designs and produces everyday menswear clothes that delicately challenge prevailing conventions. They believe by providing an emphatically left-of-centre product, they can rouse the public to their forgotten or disregarded aspirations for creative fulfillment.  They strive to propel the defeated out of their complacency into a realm where the passion for engaging in artistic expression is justification enough to do it.
BEAU is a rally cry for the disenfranchised to reclaim their quest for artistic self-expression.  The tendency to allow ones tax form listed profession to define identity will be overthrown and replaced with an individual’s active interest.  The beholder will reclaim the loaded question inquiring, “What do you DO?” from a society fixated on monetary designations. Despite what an individual may be obligated to do support himself financially, the defining choice of true occupation remains with the individual.
I would describe the collection as simple, preppy, classy and at the same time, with a hint of urban. Their choice of materials were very simple but they chose to create unique details to each piece that made it different to anything I have seen before. Their stand out pieces would have to be the shirts made out of printed fabric, made by Fabpad. It gave the collection as a whole, just the right amount of personality and really complimented the simple yet different design approach of the other garments. Visit their website for more information on what their brand is about!


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