Saturday, 27 July 2013

High Fashion Society Vintage Victory Party - July 4th 2013

On the 4th on July I was invited to the high fashion society vintage party. It was a great event and the theme of the event was really inspiring and thought out - it complimented the brand well. I really enjoyed myself, 4th of July well spent - literally felt like I was in America, with the cool American inspired food and decor. 

The High Fashion Society is an exclusive members only club that offers the authentic pre-owned and vintage high fashion designer luxury goods and provides a range of services that each member could use. There aim is to be one of the leading online source for buying and selling for pre-loved designer brands from previous season designer collections. Will members have the access to designer items but they will also revise updates of the latest fashion trends, discounts on all services and invites to fashion events. 

The High Fashion Society has amazing designer items and it was great to have a look at their items in reality with the option to buy any of the luxury items. I’m not much of a bag person but I really couldn't keep my eyes off the Louis Vuitton Bags - an item that I've wanted for forever. So this would be a good online store to get myself one and massively discounted prices! Not only do they sell brands like Louis Vuitton, but others like Chanel, Burberry, Prada, Swarovski, Christian Dior and so many more. Check them out here

My Topshop Wishlist Randoms | Topshop Free delivery Everywhere!

Topshop free delivery everywhere - Not too sure how long it is on for, but I would take the opportunity and buy something now! 

Some people may, or may not know that Topshop is my absolute favorite shop ever! So every now and then I do a Topshop wish list, things that I have caught my eye on the website. I’m always interested in looking for something different and items that people haven't seen before and Topshop have unique garment designs that offer the opportunity to experiment with your own style personality. The items here are the ones that I have spotted after 15 minutes of looking through the website. My picks might not be to everyone’s tastes, but I'm looking to explore this summer, with textures and colours. 

I love velvet, its the most interesting and could be one of the controversial materials in fashion, but I could wear velvet in anything and have many velvet clothing items. One thing that I don't have, are these red velvet shoes from Topshop! I'ts different and I like it! This summer I'm really feeling bright colours in bold patterns and the green patterned shorts really make a statement in the summer sun. The shorts would go amazing with a plain sheer kimono or with the orange and white print crop top, if you are feeling daring with prints. Going to Topshop in the last few weeks, I have always noticed that floral print kimono top and once again it has caught my eye on the website too. Although it is a bit on the pricy side, it is a classy piece that has a vintage feel to it. Disco pants are something that I will where only when I'm in a mood and these electric blue disco pants are so striking, you would have to be in a mood to where this anywhere. haha. Colour blocking is a trend of the past but I believe its appropriate for every summer season and the orangey-yellow playsuit is a definite item to have in you item to have in your wardrobe. 

I'm a hat person lol and the fedora hat is next on my list to buy from Topshop. I like the shade that it is in and the army green colour would balance out print garments and other bright colours; I would not be afraid for a bit of harmless colour clashing, when experimenting. Over the last few weeks I haven't really been wearing earrings because sometimes I feel like it is just too much with the outfits that I wear but theses earrings are like nothing I've never seen before and I might purchase these to get me back into wearing earrings again. Like this post, comment and follow my blog!

Friday, 26 July 2013

Gosh Cosmetics - Highschool Flirt Nail Lacquer

I love this nail Lacquer by Gosh Cosmetics, its called High School Flirt and it’s a lovely nude rose colour.  After attending the Gosh cosmetics make up event a few months ago, I’ve fallen in love with their products, especially their make collections which I will review in future posts. I will definitely be rocking this colour for this summer because not only its easy, smooth application, but also it is a classy, simple colour that is not too much in your face.  Check out Gosh Cosmetics on their website or find them at your local Superdrugs.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

DotComGiftShop - Press Day!

 is an online shop specializing in gifts for him and her and home-ware shopping. I was Invited to their Press day a few weeks ago and I was so excited to see their products in reality. I was impressed by the individuality and quality of their products. It was great to have a feel of their products I have been viewing online and also a good look at their new Christmas range, that have a variety of traditional décor, Christmas colours and prints.
All of the Dotcomgiftshop products are designed by the in house team, which gives the brand its unique selling point. The idea that their products are original and not like anything you see on other sites of stores. Another thing I love about this online store are the ridiculous prices for good quality home-ware and gifts. You would be able to get soo much for what you will spend! Definitely visit their online store and I’m sure you’ll find something special for someone or something you can get for yourself!
Stay tuned for a possible Dotcomgiftshop Giveaway!


Wednesday, 24 July 2013


BEAU- Homme is an up and coming menswear clothing brand and last week I was invited to their Summer/ Spring 2014 presentation Gala. The event was held at the White Rabbit in Shoreditch and the hospitality was so great; champagne, snacks and it was amazing to socialize with fashion enthusiasts and fashion professionals.
BEAU-Homme is a London-based label which designs and produces everyday menswear clothes that delicately challenge prevailing conventions. They believe by providing an emphatically left-of-centre product, they can rouse the public to their forgotten or disregarded aspirations for creative fulfillment.  They strive to propel the defeated out of their complacency into a realm where the passion for engaging in artistic expression is justification enough to do it.
BEAU is a rally cry for the disenfranchised to reclaim their quest for artistic self-expression.  The tendency to allow ones tax form listed profession to define identity will be overthrown and replaced with an individual’s active interest.  The beholder will reclaim the loaded question inquiring, “What do you DO?” from a society fixated on monetary designations. Despite what an individual may be obligated to do support himself financially, the defining choice of true occupation remains with the individual.
I would describe the collection as simple, preppy, classy and at the same time, with a hint of urban. Their choice of materials were very simple but they chose to create unique details to each piece that made it different to anything I have seen before. Their stand out pieces would have to be the shirts made out of printed fabric, made by Fabpad. It gave the collection as a whole, just the right amount of personality and really complimented the simple yet different design approach of the other garments. Visit their website for more information on what their brand is about!