Saturday, 15 June 2013

Cocktail Classes @ Millennium Hotel London Mayfair | 4 star hotel in Mayfair

The Millennium Hotel in Mayfair Invited me and Gemma to go for a cocktail class and a tour of the hotel a few weeks ago. We were given a tour by Asem who was great as a tour guide and told us so many historical facts about the original hotel. The hotel was originally called Britannia hotel in 1969 and then it became Millennuim hotel as we know it in 2000. 

The hotel is located on Grosvenor Square and is walking distance from oxford street, regent street and not too far from hyde park so its great for many who decides to book a room you will have plenty of places to go, where shopping is concerned. The hotel has a number of 366 rooms and all guest rooms have Wifi internet access, flatscreen TVs and other room facilities like a dial telephone, available tea and coffee, hairdryer and iron. Its a beautiful Hotel and is the definition of London luxury and not only do millennium hotel exist in London Mayfair but in other locations around the world like New Zealand, Dubai, France, China and many more, so keep in mind this hotel when planning you next vacation. 

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Cocktail Class!! - Too Much Fun!!

Millennium Hotel Hotel In Mayfair Held a Cocktail class for Bloggers and it was soo much fun! Not only did we learn how to make a cocktail but we took part in a quiz where we had to remember everything thing our tour guide told us in order to answer the questions. There was also a competition to draw a cow in a small amount of time and the best cow won.. unfortunately I didn't win but it was still so much fun taking part. Over all this event was a really good relaxing casual night and would definitely do it again and maybe book a hotel when Ive got the money to do so! If you like this post comment and follow my blog! 

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