Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Vintage meets Beach! - A pop of colour! My All Topshop Wishlist!

So I believe that my Style is always changing and I seek a lot of inspiration from various fashion icons. I have always found that Topshop is the clothing store closest to echoing my fashion icons style. That is why I love Topshop and I know a lot of people can say the same.  

I am proper loving the tye dye effect on everything and if I could I would wear tye dye everything! The  tye dye vest by ragged sold of Topshop was an item that caught my eye not only for the colour but for the old washed out, vintagy effect that it looks like it has. It also reminds be of surfer dudes for some reason back in the early 90s era, which Im digging. Another one of my items right now is the baggy straight cut acid washed high waisted jean because it goes soo well with a croptop... and all who knows, knows that I love myself a croptop. That brings me to my next love which is the yellow croptop  I love this top because it just reminds me of the 90s aswell. Im in love with the style back then and it really gives me that feel of being in an americian high school... I dont know why it reminds me fo save my the bell.. an old time show that had style that really intrigued me.  

A classic has to be the Raybans sunglasses which has been a item that forever long I have been needing! For me it is an item that will stay in fashion for a very looong time which goes perfectly with the beanie, baby pink lipstick, white top and acid washed jeans. Talking of the white shirt with black design. Everyone needs that simple design on a white shirt in their wardrope and this is an good example of it. A pair of Vans or Converse would go so well with any bit of the wishlist as well as some  jelly sandals to make the look, look more beachy. For me this sandals is a stretch to the imagination looking at the weather in the UK lol. Maybe one of these days! If you like this post follow me and comment! 



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