Tuesday, 23 April 2013

With some Friends - glimpse of sunshine... getting a bit too excited!

So I went out with and few colleagues from the Rip the Runway UK casting as a photographer and it turned out to be a good event/casting. We went out for a few drinks and and met some new model faces. I thought it would be a change to post something other than clothes and fashion... but just showing what I do behind the scenes. If you like this post a comment and follow. 

What Im wearing 
kimono - Topshop
Hand made shorts - Primark 
Croptop - Topshop
Necklace - Newlook 
Glasses - Ebay
Hat - Topshop


Monday, 22 April 2013

I dont wear dresses! - Topshop Wishlist

So Ive never really been a dress person and it takes alot for me to wear one or buy one. These are some of the dresses that I spotted on Topshop that I thought are not you obvious dresses but will look good with a beanie or a top hat to make it look more causal. 

1. So anyone who knows me knows that I have a lot of things leather; a jacket, leggings, bag, gilliett... and so I love the leather trend! and what I don't have is the leather dress that wont look tight and trashy but at the same time trendy and edgy.

2. This pick is a really 'out there pick' because normally colour is something that has been out of my comfort zone recently so this will be interesting paired with another texture and colour giving more of a boldness. 

3. Im soo excited about the whole fringing effect! Im going to be wearing it big this summer and so this piece just says me right now all over it! Im really into my black and dull colours so this is a very good find that I can pair it with a really interesting gold statement necklace and a nice pair flatform sandals.

4. So everyone have been into the whole tribal trend and this is a interesting example of it. Although its only black and white it is then balanced with the bolder than usual print and would really compliment a pop of neon and maybe a pair of trainers to make it more of a casual outfit.

5. When I first saw this item I thought it was just a jumper.. but its actually a dress so I thought it would be interesting to add this because of me not being so much of a dress person, its a small step to dressy. I really like the print and It would go well with patterned leggings.

6. This is probably is as sexy as I will get lol I have soo many halterneck items and its a really good way to look sexy at the same time classy. Its a really figure hugging velvet dress and will be a nice addition to my summer wardrobe with a nice komodo and round rimmed shades it would look the bomb!

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Saturday, 20 April 2013

GOSH Cosmetics!

A few weeks ago I went to view and try out Gosh's New make up range with good friend and blogger Gemma and I was really impressed by the range and the quality of their products. I have not Really ever done a post on make up and cosmetics so this is a new experience for me even though I love make up!! Gosh's hospitality was great so I had to take a pic of the nice table of food when we got there. There was also a Gosh make up artist there to show people various products... now looking at the pivcs I should of had my make up done. lol but hay! I have been using Gosh's products especially the nail vanishes which I adore and Im sooo excited to try it out and show you guys the outcome! If you like this post and would like to see me try out Gosh's make up products, comment and follow!