Monday, 11 March 2013

Rihanna's New River Island Collection... Good enough?

So Ive decided to review Rihanna's new River Island collection That came out early this month. It does reflect her personal style even though this collections do not live up to the expectation of a lot of people... But In fact im loving it! Im loving the simplicity of her collection as well as the edge and grunge look that it has to it. One of my favourite pieces has to be the bag... its again just simple and reflects her into it.. her tatto. im really liking the denim top dungurees thing lol its just something different and I applaude her for not always sticking to the rules with her style. Im loving the maxi skirt with the slit zip..  it has character and goes really well with the turtle neck crop top. Overall Im really liking this collection but I would of loved a few more pieces with patterns and textures. I dont care what anyone says loving Riri and her collection.. looking forward to see more. If you like this post comment and follow my post. 




  1. I'm half and half on this collection, Rihanna did say she was 'selfish' in choosing the designs, as she just wanted to wear it all herself. However, the styles of the maxis and colours go really well too:) great blog! now following you xxx

  2. I think this collection is wonderful! The simplistic designs are a positive, not a negative, for me - and I'm particularly loving the cropped sweater paired with that skirt! Gorgeous xo