Monday, 4 March 2013

New accessory- New look - Chunky cross

Cross Chain - New look - £4.99

So I went down to New look and my eyes caught this heavily chunky cross and I thought it was different than any other cross accessories that I have bought or seen. I love the fact that it has a ropey feel to the necklace and the pendant complements the texture. The length also goes really well with a crop top because it kinda gives it that centre focal point of attraction. this necklace has a really rustic but modern look to it and would go well with any sort of vintage inspired outfit. Overall this is a nice necklace even though at times I feel like a priest {lol} because its such a big statement piece; the chunky-ness and all. I believe its the type of piece that gets people noticing you because its so large and different...the knida thing that will be difficult to wear twice and so it might feature in future OOTD blog post. If you like this post, comment and follow!



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