Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Textures, Patterns and Shapes - My Topshop Wishlist

Red lipstick - Topshop,  Fux Leather bag-Topshop,  Velvet boots-Topshop,  Shorts-Topshop,  Necklace-Topshop,  Tights-Topshop,  Ombre Top-Topshop   

So Ive decided to put together a bit of an adventurous outfit all from Topshop!!! that shows more of a variety of textures and trends. This is an outfit Ive loved putting together because I can go a bit crazy even though its still winter months... this is an early Spring outfit that easily be styled out with a leather jacket with studs or an over-sized cardigan. I would probably wear this to a casual house party or just out to dinner with the gurls. The links to each item are above!




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