Monday, 14 January 2013

Style it out! - Old with the New!

Black velvet leggings - River Island (sale) ,  Top - Mum's from the 80s ,  Hat - Topshop (sale)

So basically my Mum was clearing out some of her oldest clothes and she asked me if I wanted anything (it was literally my own charity store spree)!!... I found the grey top with triangles from the 80s and I thought.... I CAN STYLE STYLE THIS OUT. lol So I paired the vintage piece with high waisted black velvet leggings with a statement gold button and a top hat from Topshop and I thought that the colours compliment it quite well. What I didnt put in the photos are the shoes that might go well with it... some leather Doc Martins or some simple Creeper styled shoes.. This outfit haul is about playing with textures and patterns and you might see me with this outfit on in future posts so you can see how it looks even better on. So thats it! 


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