Sunday, 13 January 2013

Most worn Nail Polish : Raspberry BarryM

BarryM Nail Polish  -  Raspberry colour  -  Superdrugs 

So hey guys... this has to be my favourite colour of nail polish of 2012, hands down (no pun intended lol) I think because its such a classic colour and such a great Christmas colour it kind of worked all year round for me. I also love all BarryM products as their make up is of good quality I am also a big fan of there lipsticks and lipliner range. Also in the first photo above are two different types of raspberry nail; the croc version and the normal nail varnish. Out of the two products I would say that I prefer the normal application because it gives a more classy look rather than the croc, because it appeals to the younger audience and is a lot more fun. I purchased this product from super drugs and was a reasonable price for the quality of the product. overall I really like the colour and the product I will probably buy it again and by more colours in the future. 



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