Monday, 28 January 2013

I like Different! ....Wishlist!

Leggings - Topshop,   Hat - Topshop,    Bag - Topshop,   Flatforms - Topshop,
   Crop Top - Topshop,    Necklace - Topshop   

Theses are all the things I hopefully will get or want and they are all from Topshop... which is my favourite shop ever... if you probably couldn't guess..  so I had to a wish list! Im proper loving the leather trend and cant get enough a backpack... so why not put it together! It gives it that 90s sort of feel along with the crop top and flatforms. I literaly gonna go crazy when its summer time and this outfit is definitely gonna do it for me... maybe along with some shades. But anyway loving this look and can wait to try on a few different looks.



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    1. Thanks a lot!! yh just visited it.. and its really good... im a follower!

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