Wednesday, 30 January 2013

I Cant get Enough! Topshop.. Rare London

Rare London - Topshop - (Sale £24 from £60)

So I was on the Topshop website in the sale section and I came across this item that was reduced drastically... I thought that it could serve me through the end of winter and the start of spring type of jacket... and that it looked pretty cool... having leather mixed with dark grey denim.. but I like it. It would also not be that bad mixing it with other denims too. I think for the price I got what I paid for, so its good quality and overall I just cant wait for you guys to see me in it!... If you like this post comment and follow!


Monday, 28 January 2013

I like Different! ....Wishlist!

Leggings - Topshop,   Hat - Topshop,    Bag - Topshop,   Flatforms - Topshop,
   Crop Top - Topshop,    Necklace - Topshop   

Theses are all the things I hopefully will get or want and they are all from Topshop... which is my favourite shop ever... if you probably couldn't guess..  so I had to a wish list! Im proper loving the leather trend and cant get enough a backpack... so why not put it together! It gives it that 90s sort of feel along with the crop top and flatforms. I literaly gonna go crazy when its summer time and this outfit is definitely gonna do it for me... maybe along with some shades. But anyway loving this look and can wait to try on a few different looks.


Thursday, 24 January 2013

My Look: Topshop, Missguided, H&M, Ebay

Velvet crop top-Missguided,  Skirt-Missguided,  Leather jacket-Primark,  Necklace-Missguided,
Shoes -Office,  Hat-Topshop,  Bag-H&M,   Sunglasses-Ebay  

So I have put an outfit together of things that I have just bought recently and things that I have had for a while... and I came up with this look... My most recent purchase is the bag; blue and black from H&M that absolutely love because it just about goes with any look I put together and will definitely feature in another post. Another item that I love is the round sunglasses from Ebay that really Tie in the outfit. It is so cold recently and I have just brought a crop top... I know! I see it as an investment into spring and summer and can be dressed down with oversized cardigans and wintery garments. Anyways, thanks for reading and follow if you like my blog. 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Textures, Patterns and Shapes - My Topshop Wishlist

Red lipstick - Topshop,  Fux Leather bag-Topshop,  Velvet boots-Topshop,  Shorts-Topshop,  Necklace-Topshop,  Tights-Topshop,  Ombre Top-Topshop   

So Ive decided to put together a bit of an adventurous outfit all from Topshop!!! that shows more of a variety of textures and trends. This is an outfit Ive loved putting together because I can go a bit crazy even though its still winter months... this is an early Spring outfit that easily be styled out with a leather jacket with studs or an over-sized cardigan. I would probably wear this to a casual house party or just out to dinner with the gurls. The links to each item are above!



Sunday, 20 January 2013

So its Snowing! I Need a Proper Winter Coat!

Coat - Topshop {£95}  Hat - River Island {£5)  

Hey so its snowing in London and that means its proper cold... I've literally got the warmest coat ever! Its army green and when the snow drops on my coat it doesn't create that those wet marks. Its from Topshop and is one of my most expensive clothing items and its definitely worth the money. 


Friday, 18 January 2013

Most Used Product - Perfume - Fantasy by Britney Spears

Britney Spears Perfume - £20 on sale 

I know quite a few people with this perfume and with the scent of it I know why...  I normaly like vanilla-ly and musty scents but this perfume is a good quality sweet scent that lasts forever (nearly) ... and as you can see I've nearly used half of it. If I could describe the smell its like a whole bunch of sweets and fruits like berries and stuff... But anywhooo I really like it and thats why its my most used product of this year so far.


Thursday, 17 January 2013

My Missguided spree : First time for everything

Top left- Grey and black asymmetric skirt, Purple asymmetric skirt
Bottom left - aztec high neck crop top, black velvet high neck crop top
Spike necklace            

So I decided to have a look on the Missguided website due to boredom and was quite surprised at what they had to offer... the prices where really good and I liked the style too. So these are the items that I bought to try out... I spent like around £40 pounds and DELIVERY WAS FREE! So I was excited lol Their customer service was really good I will definitely be buying from them again! 



Missguided Website -

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My Casual Look: Checkered shirt, Midi skirt, Top hat and Denim

Denim jacket- Charity shop,   Midi Skirt - New look,   Shoes/creeper style - Office
Checkered shirt - Topman,   Sweater/Jumper- H&M,   Hat - Topshop,   Bag - Asos

So hey guys I decided to throw together a few things that I have bought over the past few months that are my current favourites. Most Items I am wearing have been purchased in the winter sale or either christmas presents so I cant get enough of trying all my new stuff out. I think my favourite piece from this outfit would hat to be the hat because it goes with nearly everything and really completes the outfit.  I just love this look because its so comfortable and casual... I might to something a bit more of a smart or part outfit next time! Anyway keep a look out for my next post!  


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Monday, 14 January 2013

Style it out! - Old with the New!

Black velvet leggings - River Island (sale) ,  Top - Mum's from the 80s ,  Hat - Topshop (sale)

So basically my Mum was clearing out some of her oldest clothes and she asked me if I wanted anything (it was literally my own charity store spree)!!... I found the grey top with triangles from the 80s and I thought.... I CAN STYLE STYLE THIS OUT. lol So I paired the vintage piece with high waisted black velvet leggings with a statement gold button and a top hat from Topshop and I thought that the colours compliment it quite well. What I didnt put in the photos are the shoes that might go well with it... some leather Doc Martins or some simple Creeper styled shoes.. This outfit haul is about playing with textures and patterns and you might see me with this outfit on in future posts so you can see how it looks even better on. So thats it! 


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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Most worn Nail Polish : Raspberry BarryM

BarryM Nail Polish  -  Raspberry colour  -  Superdrugs 

So hey guys... this has to be my favourite colour of nail polish of 2012, hands down (no pun intended lol) I think because its such a classic colour and such a great Christmas colour it kind of worked all year round for me. I also love all BarryM products as their make up is of good quality I am also a big fan of there lipsticks and lipliner range. Also in the first photo above are two different types of raspberry nail; the croc version and the normal nail varnish. Out of the two products I would say that I prefer the normal application because it gives a more classy look rather than the croc, because it appeals to the younger audience and is a lot more fun. I purchased this product from super drugs and was a reasonable price for the quality of the product. overall I really like the colour and the product I will probably buy it again and by more colours in the future. 



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Friday, 11 January 2013

Beanie, Creepers and an Oversized Jacket - Casual

Beanie - Urban outfitters {£10},  Denim Jacket - Charity shop {£8.50},  Sweatshirt - Amsterdam {20 euros), velvet leggings - River Island {£15 on sale},  Shoes/Creepers - Office {£10 on sale}, Ring - Forever 21(around £2.50)

Photography - Patricia Dixon 

Hey so Ive recorded my look today... its just a casual look but I wanted to show what my style is based upon for now, which is a beanie, creepers and an oversized jacket. I kind of just mix and match from there really. Im slightly sensitive when it comes to wearing items of clothing over and over again but this oversized Denim jacket has been the buy of 2012 at only £8.50 at local charity shop. Im literally in love.. you can add the jacket to anything and it gives the outfit a bit of edge. My Amsterdam sweatshirt I got in an Dutch gift shop which I did not think I would as much as I do but im loving it. This outfit looked alright but but it did no favours when trying to resist the january weather... I might add some thick socks if I want extra protection. Anyway thanks for reading.



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